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Where Did These WoW Accounts Come From?

These World Of Warcraft Accounts are from gaming hubs, sites, forums, membership sites, etc that have subscribers/loyal members who have extra accounts, retiring, quitting, or just giving away these accounts for any reason. These accounts are are legally acquired and Definitely NOT Hacked!

Why Are We Giving Away Free World Of Warcraft Accounts?

We are a team of web developers and gamers who are sponsored by various networks including forums, gaming hubs, fan base pages, game blogs, etc. In exchange for the advertising we do for their brands and sites they give us free accounts on various MMO games and other stuff.

There are 10 wow accounts (levels 85+) listed in each of the two files (password included) in the download. You can have all 10 or 20 accounts if you are bad enough or just limit yourself to 1 account if you are not greedy. We have to list it this way so everybody will have a chance to get a high level WoW account. If you have no luck today, try again the tomorrow as we have 2300+ accounts (and growing) in our database and we are only giving 20 accounts per day. So don’t wait for the well to dry up! Get your high level WoW Account Now!

Note: The files containing the accounts and passwords are unlocked upon the completion of an action on your part, possibly a short survey or pin confirm. This is to help our projects grow and provide better service to our visitors and viewers. Thank You!

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any changes on the accounts, if all the accounts currently listed have already been taken, download the text file again tomorrow as it will be UPDATED everyday at 6AM EST.